People charged with violent crimes face the harshest penalties and the consequences for a conviction of a violent crime will negatively impact your life in a big way. To defend you against allegations of violent crime, we will carefully examine every single piece of evidence the State will use to try to convict you and scrutinize the stories of every witness the State calls against you. We will tell your side of the story and make sure you have your day in court.

No matter the charges, we will fight for the best outcome.

Types of Violent Crimes in Missouri

We have defended countless individuals charged with violent crimes across the state of Missouri. Violent crimes we defend include but are not limited to:

If you receive a criminal conviction in Missouri for any of these violent crimes, you could receive a lengthy prison sentence and permanently lose your constitutional rights to vote and bear arms. That is why you need a lawyer experienced in these areas to defend you against these charges from day one. Whether you were acting in self-defense or the allegations of violence against you are fabricated, we will help you tell your story of innocence.

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