When Does the Federal Government Pursue Drug Crimes?

The federal government does not always intervene on behalf of the states and charge every drug offense that happens within the United States. So how do you know if your case is at risk of being charged by the federal government rather than the state?

In general, your case is more likely to be charged federally when there is a large amount of drugs in question, the defendant has a history of drug charges, the defendant is an alleged member of a complex drug-distribution organization or the drugs are transported across state lines or international borders.

When the United States government charges you with a drug crime, the stakes are very high. Penalties leveled by the federal government for federal offenses usually come with substantial prison sentences and fines. If you have prior felony drug charges in your lifetime, the penalties for a federal drug crime become even more severe.

No matter how severe the charges are, we are here to fight for you.

We Help Clients Create Legally Sound Defense Strategies

Lawyers for the United States government have vast resources at their disposal that they will use to investigate and convict you in court. It is important that you work with an experienced federal drug crimes defense attorney who is highly familiar with federal sentencing guidelines, has handled numerous federal drug charge cases and won’t be afraid to make the government prove their case to a jury.

Since every federal drug crime that comes through our door is unique, we formulate a defense strategy designed to get the best possible outcome on your specific case. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to these cases.

We will examine every piece of evidence obtained by the government and scrutinize the way in which it was obtained. If the police found drugs through a search or arrest that was conducted without probable cause or a defective warrant, we will move to have those drugs suppressed. In short, we will work to exclude every piece of evidence they have against you to chip away at the government’s case. When the rubber meets the road and you need someone to stand in front of a federal jury to argue for your innocence, we’ll do that too.

Each case is unique. We will work with you to determine the correct course of action for your situation. Contact us by calling today.