What You Need to Know About Felony Probation and Earned Compliance Credits (ECCs)

1. Earned Compliance Credits (ECCs) Can Reduce the Total Amount of Time You Will Spend on Probation.  Earned Compliance Credits (ECCs) were created by RSMo. §217.703 in 2012 to reduce the total amount of time certain people spend on felony probation in Missouri. Each month you are “in compliance” with the terms of your probation, […]

Steps You Can Take to Avoid Prison on Your Felony Drug Charge.

In Missouri, any felony arrest for a drug related crime can easily lead to prison if not handled correctly. The judge could send you to prison for a term of years or treatment program in the Department of Corrections. The best way to stay out of prison or a prison-based treatment program is to simply […]

The Prosecutor Will Use What You Say on The Jail Phone Against You.

If you are charged with a crime, you might be held in the county jail until you can make bond or your case is closed. If that is you, the very first piece of advice your criminal defense attorney should give you is to not talk about your case with anyone while you’re in there. […]

What Is a 7 Day Bond Hearing?

Under Missouri Supreme Court Rule 33.05, the Court MUST review your detention or conditions of release as soon as possible but no later than seven days after your initial arraignment. These seven days do not include weekends or holidays and are subject to the right of the victim to have notice and an opportunity to […]

What Is an “SIS”?

The acronym “SIS” stands for “suspended imposition of sentence” and is usually accompanied by some form of probation as punishment when you are found guilty of a crime. A SIS is NOT a “type” of probation. It should more accurately be described as a “time” of probation because with an SIS, the judge places you […]

Yes. You Should Get a Lawyer to Handle Your Expungement.

You can represent yourself on your expungement case. But you shouldn’t. If you’re considering getting your record expunged but don’t think you need a lawyer to do it, this article is for you. Before you dismiss this article as a self-serving business piece of fiction, hear me out. It Is Hard to Know if You […]

Should You Pay a Traffic Lawyer to “Fix” Your Traffic Ticket?

Unless you’re Miss Daisy and you have an ageless Morgan Freeman to drive you from place to place, statistics say you will at some point in your life be stopped and ticketed for a moving violation. Failure to yield, speeding, improper left turn, all the old stand-bys. Instead of just paying the fine on a […]

Caught with A Little Weed? Here’s What You Face for Misdemeanor Marijuana.

Weed. Ganja. Mary Jane. Reefer. Did you know there are literally over 1,000 slang terms for “Marijuana”? Whatever YOU call it, Missouri still calls it “illegal” and if you are caught possessing small amounts of it in Missouri, the resulting misdemeanor marijuana charge can be an expensive headache. Misdemeanor Marijuana Possession Statute Here is the […]

5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Be a Confidential Informant

At Glaesman Law Firm, we provide criminal defense to individuals accused of crimes in St. Louis, St. Charles, and the surrounding areas in Missouri. Providing sound advice and guidance from the beginning of a case until its conclusion, we ensure that our clients are aware of how the actions they take could negatively impact the […]

Pre-Arrest Investigative Detentions

Police investigate people they believe have committed, or are actively committing crimes. They determine who the bad guys are and they bring those bad guys to justice. But how do they determine who the bad guys are when it’s not obvious? Since people don’t usually wear shirts that boldly say “I’m a bad guy committing […]