Lucas Glaesman

Lucas Glaesman is a criminal defense lawyer. He started the Glaesman Law Firm, LLC to create a firm focused on one thing: defending real people charged with crimes. He and his firm have defended hundreds of people throughout the St. Louis metropolitan against criminal charges ever since.

How Lucas is Different

Exclusively Focused on Criminal Defense

A leader in his field, Lucas has spent the last decade practicing criminal law to the exclusion of all else. His trial experience and reputation in criminal courtrooms across the State of Missouri give him the necessary skills, credibility, and connections to get you the best result on your case.

A Custom Defense Strategy for Your Case

Lucas knows every case and client are different. The goals you have set for your case matter. That is why Lucas provides you with a custom legal defense specifically aimed at achieving them. You won’t be pressured to take the same bogus plea deal offered to everyone. You will be empowered with information and options so you can make the best decision for yourself and your case.

Responsive and Accessible

Facing criminal charges will undoubtedly lead to some confusing and anxious moments so your lawyer must be accessible and responsive to you as you navigate them. To better be there for his clients when they need him most, Lucas has office locations in St. Charles and St. Louis.